PixArk: Needed Dinos – The Thorny lizard

A most needed dino in Pixark is the thorny lizard. They are a multi use dino that can benefit anyone and everyone in a variety of ways.

For offense and defense usefulness they have a nice dot ranged attack that comes from them shooting spikes. Up close they have a decent damage output as well as a decent hit point pool.

In terms of production and utility once you put a saddle on them they can turn basic stuff into ores. This is extremely useful as you will have a ton of say rock block stacks. They can turn those into iron ore. While it does take time for this it is really worth it.

They can turn all those dirt blocks you wondered what to do with into coal. No longer do you need to hoard dirt for fear you may need it one day. You can now use it.

The last thing they can do is turn clay into copper ore.

Those three things alone are needed for high end materials. Iron and coal to make steel, and copper goes into making electronics.

They need to be kited to tamed safely and is best to build a tame pit and lead them into it.

They can be found in the golden forest.

PixArk Second Anniversary

Pixark a game that fell hard but is one I still adore turns 2 today after it left early access. This event brings new skins you can get as well as a really cool cape.

Outside of that there is some new bone skins and item skins as well as a new item or two.

While not everything has been fixed that is buggy in the game they have made strides and I feel as it turns 2 pixark and the skyward dlc is in the best place it has ever been.

If you want to hop on feel free to join our own servers: Dingos Pve and Dingos PvP x3

Happy 2 years Pixark!


Grounded is a new survival sandbox game that is launching between now and june in early access. It is a Xbox exclusive but will also be on Steam Early Access. I know what you are thinking…yet another EA survival dumpster fire. But looking at it I honestly think it may be a decent one. It is being done by Obsidian the same ones who made The Outer Worlds.

The Premise is you have been shrunk down to the size of an ant. This adds an entire new take on the survival genre as well as the nostalgia factor for those who grew up during Honey I Shrunk The Kids.

It is singleplayer as well as multiplayer co-op. Hopefully in the co-op there will be pvp. Regardless though we will keep you updated on this game and will host some co-op which we will post here as well as in the discord!