Fractured MMO Thoughts

The Fractured mmo fall alpha test has now been live about a week. I have been honestly enjoying it. While there is not a whole lot to do currently in game, you can tell the foundation for something magical is there.

Currently in the fall alpha they added mounts(horses currently), cart systems, expanded town system, crafting builds for the town, new legends which are boss type things, more abilities and mobs, and enchanting/smithing.

The game foundation in game is currently amazing for what it wants to be which gives me great hope it can achieve this.

Upon release the game plans to have multiple races, 3 worlds, multiple continents, robust town, housing, crafting, taming and learning systems, robust pvp.

Of the 3 worlds, one will be pve focused, one pure pvp, and one a mix of the two with political pvp. Giving options for every type of player in these sandbox style mmos.

Another unique thing it does is, there is no xp you gain. You get knowledge points for monsters, and from monsters you learn new abilities you can use for your char. You start with a few basic abilities and have to go out, explore and learn the rest.

There is no blue, green, purples. There is no color system. The material you use to craft determines some of its values. Then the robust enchanting system lets you further customize and improve your weapon and gear.

It is currently in fall alpha test until December 4th. You can sometimes find streamers or youtubers with keys to try it out, or you can use their website to buy a package that grants access to it.

I do stream it here:

and I have videos on youtube here:


SamuTale sandbox mmo free trial

Samutale is currently running a free trial on their website: to try out the game.

The same is a sandbox survival type mmo that is similar to the old version of tree of life. Fans of that will probably enjoy this. It also has a samurai type setting.

You can build actual houses like archeage that one can go inside and place furnishings in. As well as build walls and other objects around their place.

You can tame mounts, animals, farm, gather, craft, hunt and various other type of things similar to games of this nature.

It is also full pvp with loot drop on death. Check it out!

Pixark Steam Sale/Free Weekend

Pixark on steam is currently 60 percent off the 39.99 price tag making it 15.99. It also has a free weekend period till June 1st if you are interested in checking it out or trying it. Plenty of official and unofficial servers as well as newly launched official servers for this.

Also my unofficial server is Dingos PvP x3 if you want to join

Valorant Closed Beta Drops Return

Valorant is Riot games 5v5 shooter that enters the realm of gaming to battle the likes of Overwatch. It is currently in a closed beta and starting April 7th more will be able to get in. To do this you need a twitch account. Then follow those streaming the game starting the 7th. Drops will appear as they play giving lucky viewers a chance to jump into the action themselves.

You can will need to link your twitch account to your riot account to be eligible for the drops. You can do so at or at the riot games site in general.

Last Oasis Now Live!

Last Oasis entered a stress test today. On launch day the games backend servers crashed when they reached 10k concurrent players. Today after a week of working on it we are now sitting at 20k and climbing with no real issues. So far it is looking good and the population is crazy.

On launch day in the starting cradle area I only seen a couple of people and it took me 2 hours to find pvp. Today on relaunch? I have seen 20-30 people in the cradle and it took me 10 minutes to find pvp! Check it out here: Dingos Stream First PVP.

It does seem they did delete and wipe everyones data which was expected. But if you got to play on launch day going back into the tutorial is a breeze. For those that are playing for the first time; do the tutorial. You will thank me greatly later.

It seems the steam survival crowd now has a new and very exciting game to enjoy and sink their stay at home time into! This EA survival game is one of the most polished ones to hit steams ea survival crowd since it started.

See you all in the sands!

PixArk Second Anniversary

Pixark a game that fell hard but is one I still adore turns 2 today after it left early access. This event brings new skins you can get as well as a really cool cape.

Outside of that there is some new bone skins and item skins as well as a new item or two.

While not everything has been fixed that is buggy in the game they have made strides and I feel as it turns 2 pixark and the skyward dlc is in the best place it has ever been.

If you want to hop on feel free to join our own servers: Dingos Pve and Dingos PvP x3

Happy 2 years Pixark!


Grounded is a new survival sandbox game that is launching between now and june in early access. It is a Xbox exclusive but will also be on Steam Early Access. I know what you are thinking…yet another EA survival dumpster fire. But looking at it I honestly think it may be a decent one. It is being done by Obsidian the same ones who made The Outer Worlds.

The Premise is you have been shrunk down to the size of an ant. This adds an entire new take on the survival genre as well as the nostalgia factor for those who grew up during Honey I Shrunk The Kids.

It is singleplayer as well as multiplayer co-op. Hopefully in the co-op there will be pvp. Regardless though we will keep you updated on this game and will host some co-op which we will post here as well as in the discord!