Fractured MMO Thoughts

The Fractured mmo fall alpha test has now been live about a week. I have been honestly enjoying it. While there is not a whole lot to do currently in game, you can tell the foundation for something magical is there.

Currently in the fall alpha they added mounts(horses currently), cart systems, expanded town system, crafting builds for the town, new legends which are boss type things, more abilities and mobs, and enchanting/smithing.

The game foundation in game is currently amazing for what it wants to be which gives me great hope it can achieve this.

Upon release the game plans to have multiple races, 3 worlds, multiple continents, robust town, housing, crafting, taming and learning systems, robust pvp.

Of the 3 worlds, one will be pve focused, one pure pvp, and one a mix of the two with political pvp. Giving options for every type of player in these sandbox style mmos.

Another unique thing it does is, there is no xp you gain. You get knowledge points for monsters, and from monsters you learn new abilities you can use for your char. You start with a few basic abilities and have to go out, explore and learn the rest.

There is no blue, green, purples. There is no color system. The material you use to craft determines some of its values. Then the robust enchanting system lets you further customize and improve your weapon and gear.

It is currently in fall alpha test until December 4th. You can sometimes find streamers or youtubers with keys to try it out, or you can use their website to buy a package that grants access to it.

I do stream it here:

and I have videos on youtube here:


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