Grounded Ea Launch Review

Grounded by Obsidian Entertainment has officially launched into early access with a decent pricetag of 30usd. This game is set in the genre of survival sandbox and uses xbox services for its multiplayer.

Many “issues” negative reviewers have complained about are simply silly. Co op works and you simply need to use the same login you do for windows. The game launches fine from steam.

The current main story quest in the game is currently rather short, however, there is tons of things to do as it is a survival game. Tons of other quests, things to explore and find, things to learn to craft as well as an interesting building system.

The setting and world and graphics of the game are incredible and really make you feel like you are shrunk down and wandering around a backyard at the size of a bug. The way you chop down grass, find rocks, use insect parts as well as the basic other things is just really well done.

There are no levels in the game and instead you use a research device to unlock new recipes by bringing things you find to it. You can also get new ideas for recipes by crafting or finding things.

The building is interesting and I can see some crazy bases being built with the system they have. It is similar to other games like the forest or green hell in how it is done.

The enemy ai does have a few bugs to work out, but for instance if you kill enough ants a giant force of ants will come for you. This is the type of AI I do enjoy in survival games.

While the price tag for many at 30usd is steep for an ea game and I do understand the why, but the game itself is currently loaded with fun for survival genre fans with a story added on as a bonus.


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