V4 Nexons Autoplay MMO Review

So V4 global launch happened and I tried it out. It launched for mobile and pc in the NA and Euro markets. The game seems to be a direct copy almost of BDO Mobile. Like Direct Copy.

From the start the character classes are gender locked with only limited presets available to “customize” your character and make it your own. Character names are limited to 8 letters or so even. Really really limiting most identity one may have. And in an mmo your identity can mean the world.

I was hoping for more but this game is basically autoplay on everything. From combat, to quests, to gathering crafting materials to infusing and other things. You can literally auto everything and do nothing.

Even boss fights are easily autoed with zero engagement. The only engagement you really have to do is clicking complete quest and accepting the new quest. Then it auto does everything else for you.

While I do realize it was made with mobile as the main focus, it is just kind of sad. You would expect to need to do some playing yourself.

If you have ever played Endless World Idle RPG this is basically that but in a “mmo” form. If that is your thing I am sure you will enjoy it. But for the majority of mmo players it is sorely going to be lacking well everything.

I do however like the camera options one can do. But outside of that there is not really much to like or enjoy about this horrible entry into the mmo genre. The cash shop is loaded with high priced packs for launch as well. They are totally focused on the micros and yes there is some p2w elements involved here. But one could most likely do fine with being totally f2p but it would take you along time to do all the upgrades you would need to be competitive that way.

So to recap if you are a fan of idle games this may be waay up your alley. Otherwise I doubt many will really enjoy it.

Here is some gameplay video from my stream to see for yourself: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3sc_EwOm5Gs


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