Amazons Crucible Fails as predicted. Is New World destined to the same fate?

As I did a write up on Amazon Games Studios first official game Crucible here and touched on many of the issues that were present at launch. Well new news regarding Crucible. It has gone from an officially launched game…back to closed beta with signups on the site.

This is a very rare thing. The only time I can really think of that a game has gone from official release to taken down and back to the drawing board was Final Fantasy XIV. Which was also met with a horrible launch and tons of negative criticism for what they gave us.

This does not bold well for the new game studio. While it is nice they see it is not a good game and want to put the time and money into fixing it.. it leads to what may be the norm for the giant studio.

As New World 6 months before release completely changed from an open world sandbox pvp game to a theme park game without any of the systems a themepark has and expected it to be ready for release..Well I have a feeling New World will launch and be pulled back to alpha. Simply because they have not had time to add any of the systems from a complete game change.

I feel this is similar to Crucible. As if you played it..the game itself felt like they had made it a battle royal game then upon seeing the success of Valorant, changed it to try and capitalize on that success. However they left all the battle royal stuff in and did not add any of the systems that makes games like valorant how they are.

This indeed seems like amazon games MO at this point and I cannot help but wonder how they can keep doing this? It just boggles my mind.


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