Aeronautica Imperialis: Flight Command Review

This is a game made based on the games workshop tabletop game aeronautica imperialis. It was fully released today on steam as of this writing. In it you are commanding a small squad of airplane like ships and fighting agaisnt orks or humans in the grand scheme of things. It currently costs 22.29 with the discount from 24.99. It is not even worth 5 dollars.

I did all there was to do in the game in an hour and a half. Most of it was not enjoyable. Now I am a fan of the tabletop version so was looking forward to this but am truly saddened by this “release”.

The game has around 6 to 8 tutorial missions to teach you the game. 6-8 scenario missions which you can do with other players on your steam friendslist.

The last thing it offers is a campaign that can be complete in 25 minutes to an hour depending on the length you choose of the campaign which just consists of you doing randomly generated missions that grant points to hit a point total to win.

That is it. That is the game. There is no multiplayer, no painting or customizing ships or fleets or even pilots really.

The game has it where you choose all your ships moves, then it does a camera mode of them all doing their moves. This camera mode is really really bad. You can barely see what is going on or what happened. It is easier to skip it and see the results.

Ships can fly thru other ships without anything happening what so ever.

It feels more like they pushed out a side mode of an actual game to try and make cash of the skulls event rather than anything else.

Sorry fans, it seems the bad GW games curse is back if the game isn’t made by the total war team.

Here is my full stream video to see for yourself:


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