Crucible Review: Amazon Fails

Before Crucible even launched it had poor misdeeds. It was over an hour late to launch on steam but they failed to even comment until an hour after launch to tell people it would be coming soon, but only for north america. The other regions would have to wait and considering how bad they are at communication for their first game…who knows when that will be.

Next they launched as much dlc paying options on their steam store as they could before launching the game. Giving you an idea of where their focus is.

Of course streamers got to get in early.

Onto the game: It is poorly optimized and has poor loading times. The tutorial is a joke. It tells you to do this or that but barely explains anything and really is just a waste of time as it is.

Matches, on launch day, not even an hour after it was able to be downloaded take over a minute just to find one. Considering I can find matches in under 10 seconds on other games in the genre this game is aimed at well…

The abilities are quite frankly uninspired trash. You have four abilities. One is a move ability, 2 are pointless, and I guess the last is an “ultimate” which is basically a regular attack in every other game in the genre. Outside of that, the characters themselves are generic. The only one they seemed to put any effort into is the rocket raccoon clone.

The maps are big and movement is slow and stiff. There is no run, only a movement ability that has a cool down.

There is zero real direction in a match. There was no talking or typing in game, I could not even figure out how or if it was possible. The only way to communicate is by very generic bad pings.

I went a melee class and had the most damage in game and tied for kills first on team. Because shooting is just that bad.

This game is a poor poor first launch for a new game company in an already over crowded genre that brings nothing new, interesting, or even a nice story to get into.


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