Valorant not a CSGO Killer

Many are touting Valorant as a CSGO killer. Having gotten in to play it today I can tell you that is not the case. While the level design does seem more similar to cs maps than other fps games that is where the similarities end.

Valorant is more of an assault on overwatch and apex legends than anything. But based on Riots upcoming game list, which includes a card game, this fps game and even a diablo like game, it seems Riot is assaulting Blizzard. Which considering Blizzards epic blunders the past couple of years, well it is a good time to strike at the once pc gaming giant.

So why do I say it is not a CSGO killer? The guns and movement feel abit “stiff” compared to the entrenched CSGO community and esports scene. The abilities alone add too much randomness and “luck” more akin to a modern EA fps game.

While yes this game will become something and be a thing in the esports scene, most of the “pros” joining it are mid tier at best. So they are not taking away much talent or prospect from the current CSGO scene at all.

However, apex legends and overwatch pro scenes will most likely be more in trouble. The abilities is akin to what they are used to as well as the roles the characters you can choose plays in a team.

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