PixArk: Needed Dinos – The Thorny lizard

A most needed dino in Pixark is the thorny lizard. They are a multi use dino that can benefit anyone and everyone in a variety of ways.

For offense and defense usefulness they have a nice dot ranged attack that comes from them shooting spikes. Up close they have a decent damage output as well as a decent hit point pool.

In terms of production and utility once you put a saddle on them they can turn basic stuff into ores. This is extremely useful as you will have a ton of say rock block stacks. They can turn those into iron ore. While it does take time for this it is really worth it.

They can turn all those dirt blocks you wondered what to do with into coal. No longer do you need to hoard dirt for fear you may need it one day. You can now use it.

The last thing they can do is turn clay into copper ore.

Those three things alone are needed for high end materials. Iron and coal to make steel, and copper goes into making electronics.

They need to be kited to tamed safely and is best to build a tame pit and lead them into it.

They can be found in the golden forest.


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